9 Diverse Creatures Boasting Prehensile Tails

The only reptile with a prehensile tail is the Monkey Tailed Skink. Native to the Solomon Islands, these animals eat fruits, vegetables, flowers, and insects.

 Monkey Tailed Skink

The Harvest Mouse is a European rodent with a prehensile tail. Harvest mice utilise prehensile tails to climb and navigate. This helps them evade predators and find food.

Eurasian Harvest Mouse

Most eastern states, Canada, and Mexico have Virginia Opossums. North America's sole prehensile-tailed marsupial. Opossums climb with their tails.

 Virginia Opossum

The black-handed spider monkey is the only monkey with a prehensile tail. 5lb monkeys utilise their opposable tails to swing through Central America, Mexico, and Colombia.

Spider monkey

Prickly-tailed rats are in Australia and New Guinea. Rainforest rats live in trees. Their tails likely evolved to help them navigate and eat.

Prehensile-tailed rat

The Binturong is found in the Philippines, Borneo, and Northeast India. These animals have good vision and are busy all day. Binturongs are mostly awake at night.


South American porcupines reside in woodlands. nocturnal and eat fruits, bark, leaves, and flowers. They utilise their prehensile tail to climb trees and explore their area.

Brazilian Porcupine

Several forest-dwelling salamanders in North America have prehensile tails. Aneides salamanders include the cloudy, wandering, and arboreal species.


Capuchins are named after their hair caps, which resemble monks' cowls. Round-headed, stocky monkeys with prehensile tails and opposable thumbs.

Capuchin monkeys

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