9 Different Animals That Glow at Night


They glow due to a chemical reaction in their body. These nocturnal critters utilise their light to communicate and ward off predators.


Anglerfish are voracious and while they attract fish with lights and catch live fish, their main feed is dead items. Fishermen catch dead fish, sea creatures, and birds.

Dwarf lantern shark

Dwarf lantern sharks' bioluminescent bellies have photophores. They attract little fish and shrimp with their light. It helps them evade larger deep-sea predators, too.

Firefly squid

The western Pacific Ocean is 600-1,200 feet deep where firefly squid lives. Blur when startled. The firefly squid emits light. NOCTURNAL SQUID

Tasmanian devil’s

UV-absorbing lips, eyes, and ears emit blue light. Why the devil has this attribute is unknown, but it's cool. Devils live in Tasmania and NSW. They're rarely attacked.

Glo Fish 

Genetically engineered GloFish fluoresce under particular lighting. New species include danios, tetras, barbs, rainbow sharks, and bettas.

Short-tailed opossum

Paraguay, Bolivia, and Argentina have short-tailed opossums. Mice, frogs, lizards, insects, and fruit. Undeveloped infants live in mom's pouch.


Jellyfish are bioluminescent. 2,000 species are light. Jellyfish evade predators using light. Some jellyfish flash to scare off predators, while others release decoys.

Sea Firefly

The sea firefly is a 1-inch-long crustacean. In Japan's shallow waters. Males spray dazzling spots of light to attract females during mating season.

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