Small hairy creatures love to eat any flower they can get their paws on. But some are more tasty. So much so, a rabbit will live in an area with its favourite flower.


These 1500-pound creatures may require more than flowers. Certainly. Leaves, twigs, and buds are moose favourites. That doesn't mean they don't eat flowers.


Deer may exist in many settings. Deer are found in forests, thickets, prairies, and even cities. They'll look for flowers wherever they reside. Deer like soft-smelling flowers.


Caterpillars are butterfly/moth larvae. Voracious eaters who moult multiple times before transforming. They devour plants and enjoy milkweed.


Bees pollinate flowers and feed people. Repayment. Floral nutrients are delivered to the hive for bee larvae. Bees like honeysuckle and Indigo.


The ability to forecast the weather is not one of these burrowing pests' strong suits, but they do enjoy feasting on daylilies and marigolds.


These mucus-covered organisms have shells. In your garden, they look innocuous and even cute. They want violets to gnaw on.


Herbivores are what iguanas are. Several different types of plant life make up this species' diet. Popular choices include geraniums and carnations.


Chipmunks are striped, pudgy North American rodents. They eat seeds, insects, bird eggs, and plants. Chipmunks chew flower stems and bulbs.

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