This nocturnal or twilight-active feline typically goes on solitary hunts, however it is possible for it to sleep during the day.


Crepuscular opossums aren't well-known. Opossums hunt at night or twilight and sleep in hollow trees and logs during day.


Coyotes  These wild animals hunt at dark or dawn in a hounding mode This lets them to sneak up on prey and is typically successful.


Most red foxes in North America are crepuscular. They hunt dawn or dusk. While the red fox is crepuscular, the Arctic fox is nocturnal.

Red foxes

Hamsters are crepuscular. These rodents are most active in the hours before sunrise, though this varies with the type of environment they inhabit.


These animals hunt at dusk or dawn, but they also slumber in hollow logs during the day. They are quiet and secretive, so seeing them in the wild is surprising.


However, what about the rabbit? They have the same crepuscular pattern as cats. You're most likely to encounter them in the mornings or at night.


Even ferrets like to sleep during the day. Animals of the wild sleep during the day but awake at sunrise and sunset.


Crepuscular predators are feared. Wolves hunt at night and morning, but they also slumber in a "dening area" throughout the day.


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