9 Creatures With Pointy Claws

North American predators grizzlies. Grizzlies can climb trees and hunt large animals with their sharp claws. Grizzlies eat like other bears. Attacking humans Grizzlies kill using fangs and claws.

Grizzly Bears

Armadillo, little but strong. This animal's shell and claws are powerful. Claws and armour protect armadillos. ARMADILLOS EAT PLANTS, INSECTS, AND SMALL ANIMALS. Claws dig. Armadillos dig dens.


An owl's cranium holds its eyes so it can only see ahead. Their third eyelid shields their non-moving eyes. Owls can hunt through their eyelids.


Most famous raptor is the bald eagle. Raptors utilise their talons to defend themselves, grab tree branches, and seize prey.Bald eagles utilise their talons to catch fish, their major meal. Their talons hold their prey in flight.

Bald Eagles

Sloths are slow-moving trees dwellers. Sloths have clawed hands and feet for climbing. Sloths prefer trees. Sloths' large claws let them hang from tree branches. Sloth babies claw their mothers.


Mountain lions are North America's top predators. This huge cat's razor-sharp claws can kill larger prey. Mountain lions hunt and climb using their claws. Mountain lions need keen claws to climb trees with food.

Mountain lions 

Alligators are feared reptiles. Large jaws and keen claws help them dig and feed. Alligators don't hunt with their claws, but they may tear food with them. They utilise their strong front claws to bury eggs.


Huge black bears inhabit North America. Bear claws aren't sweet. Black bears have sharp claws for climbing and eating. Black bears kill animals and gather plants with their claws. Predators with long claws.

Black bears

The American badger is a fearless animal. It defends itself with strong claws. Badgers hunt and dig using their claws. They dig underground with their keen claws.

 American Badger 

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