9 Creatures That Have Ruby-Red Eyes

The black-necked grebe is distinguished by the orange-yellow rings surrounding its bright red eyes. During the summer months, they develop a ring of bright gold feathers around each of their eyes.

Black-Necked Grebes

Peacock mantis shrimp eyes are dull red or transparent and reddish. They can rotate their eyes to see in two directions at once and have black bands running down their eyeballs to show where they're gazing.

Peacock mantis shrimp

Olive-green, white-bellied red-eyed vireos are stocky. Adults have crimson eyes that can appear black. Despite being only 4.7 to 5.1 inches long with 9.1 to 9.8 inch wingspans, these birds are huge and substantial.

Red-eyed vireos

Box turtles have red eyes. Yellowish-brown eyes are female. Dark skin, shells, and upper jaws have yellow markings. Turtles eat poisonous fungi. Their meat is also poisonous to predators.

 Eastern box turtle

Ring-tailed lemurs have black-and-white-striped tails and white bellies and faces. Yellow-to-orange-red eyes with black margins. They spend most of their time sunning or foraging for insects, fruits, and leaves.


Red-tailed flesh flies have black and grey stripes, red tails, and big red eyes. Worldwide, especially in tropical locations, these flies are common. They dwell year-round in the south and feed on dead animals and people.


Among freshwater fish, the redeye tetra stands out due to its bright red eye. One of its common names is "yellow-banded moenkhausia." Even in murky waters, their red eyes allow them to locate one another.

Redeye tetra

Black wings, tails, and a stripe behind their red eyes distinguish yellow golden orioles. Their healthy eye colour helps deter predators. They spread seeds at up to 25 mph. 9.4-9.8-inch long.

Golden Oriole

Some albino species occur naturally, while others are bred as pets. the albino corn snake These snakes are white, pale red, and pale orange instead of black like wild corn snakes.

Albino corn snake

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