9 Coolest Types of Spitz Dogs


Samoyeds have polar beginnings as sled-pullers, hunters, and herders. White dogs are pack-oriented and loyal to their owners. They're pleasant, hardworking, and loyal.

Chow Chow

Guardians, hunters, haulers. Dogs with blue-black tongues, wrinkled faces, and neck ruffs. Chows are aloof but loyal to their masters.

Finnish Lapphund

The Finnish Lapphund is friendly and affectionate despite being a swift, daring hunter and herder. These Arctic dogs snuggled with their owners to stay warm.

Yakutian Laika

They're loyal, sweet dogs who love to be family members. They like kids and pets. Their friendliness makes them terrific companions, not guard dogs.

Danish Spitz

The Danish spitz is a patient, devoted, and lively family pet. These pups are called Greenland spitz, Samoyed spitz, wolf spitz, and white spitz.


The Eurasier seems tough, but they're sensitive and calm. Their coats come in several colours, and their tongues might be purple or pink.


Barge dogs were bred as watchdogs to hunt rats on ships. Their robust mouths and necks were ideal. They have fox-like faces, big neck ruffs, and strong personalities.


These dogs are faithful and protective. If trained and cared for, they make great pets. Akitas have a bear-like face, unlike other spitz breeds.

 Greenland dog

Stamina, strength, and work ethic are valued. They're bold and not easily attached. Once established in a family or pack, they can be loving.

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