Panthers have beautiful, changing colours. Colorful chameleon. Any colour and often striped. Everything from green to blue


Commonly called casques. Larger men's casques. Veiled varieties are lovely while being less colourful and varied. Green, yellow, brown, or blue-striped.


Ambilobe Panther Chameleons are also called Sirama and Picasso. Blue-bar and Red-bar Ambilobes split this region.

Ambilobe Panther

Four-horned chameleons live in Cameroon and Nigeria. They prefer chilly, moist climates. 80°F is unusual. Heat and dryness harm them.


This species has the largest Chameleons at 70cm. Extensive reptiles may need large enclosures. Parson's Chameleon care is comparable to other species.


Cuban anole lizard Anolis barbatus. Adults have a snout-to-vent length of up to 18 cm, short tails, and little sexual dimorphism.

Cuban False

Rhampholeon is a genus of tiny chameleons located in central East Africa. Most species live in highland forests, woodlands, thickets, and savanna.


Ambanja panther chameleon  lives in Madagascar's eastern and northern tropical forests. Réunion and Mauritius also use it.

Ambanja Panther

Largest African chameleon is Trioceros melleri. Meller's chameleon is Africa's largest chameleon species. Green and yellow lizard


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