9 Cat Breeds That Are Extremely Active

Abyssinians always seem to have something to do. This cat doesn't run circles or sit in its owner's lap. Medium-sized musculature


Somalis have longer hair. Somalis are amiable, extroverted cats who are curious and energetic. It can be trained to fetch, play games, and walk on a leash.


The Bengal cat's lively and dynamic behaviour comes from its Asian leopard cat ancestors. Bengals are intelligent and like exploring every corner of a home.


The Cornish Rex is considered the Greyhound of cats for its sleek appearance and short, single coat. Cornish Rex's silky, curled coat is allergy-friendly.

Cornish Rex

Smart, friendly, and cuddly, the Devon Rex. This breed is active and well-behaved when left alone. Devon Rexes are loving and playful.

Devon Rex

Small to medium-sized short-haired Egyptian Maus. One of the few spotted domestic cat breeds. Mau spots are only on the hair tips. It's rare.

Egyptian Mau

The Japanese Bobtail is a cat breed with a bobtail that resembles a rabbit's tail. The Japanese-origin variant is now widespread.

Japanese Bobtai

The Siamese is sociable and will spend the day speaking with its owners. Siamese enjoy playing with other cats and sitting in their owner's lap if they're active.


The Oriental is less talkative than the Siamese but would fare best in a home with attentive owners who have numerous pets or are ready to communicate with it regularly.

Oriental Shorthair

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