9 Breeds of Dogs That Detect Prey


Brittanys are spaniel pointers. Medium hunting dog. Size, skill, and attitude make them popular. They like pets and kids.

English Pointer

The English pointer is a popular, adaptable, and hardworking breed. Dynamism and ambition help them in agility, canicross, and compliance.

English Setter

The English setter is one of three silky-coated setters from the UK. The breed is placid and likes mild youngsters and other canines.

Bracco Italiano

The bracco is trustworthy and peaceful on the field. Gentle and affectionate, they strengthen families. Laughing breed. Scarce in North America.

German Shorthaired Pointer

Germany's hunting dogs are famous. This breed was created by crossing English and Spanish pointers with the now-extinct German bird dog.


The tribesman's agile dogs had considerable stamina, making them valuable hunting partners. Their speed and adaptability were admired by noblemen.


Intelligent problem-solvers, these dogs. They require lots of enrichment to avoid causing mayhem at home. Weimaraners love company.

Irish Setter

The Irish setter is a hunter. It sets hunters on gamebirds. These dogs can hunt in fields, wet or dry moors, and forests. They can smell birds.

Spinone Italiano

Italian pointing breed spinone Italiano. Their thick fur and skin protected them in difficult terrain. After WWII, the breed nearly became extinct.

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