They hunt aggregating fish like capelin and anchovy in short dives. Murres have brown to black backs, white underbellies, and long, slender bills.

Common Murre

This species inhabits in sub-Saharan Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. Between dives, they swim and dive to hunt. Some use them for millennia.

Great Cormorant

They eat so much at once that they can't fly, so they float until they've digested and passed enough food to fly again.

Wandering Albatross

Their sleek form allows for fast dives. When gannets spot fish below, they fold their wings and dive quickly. They use their wings as paddles underwater, like penguins.

Northern gannet

Kingfishers live on every continent except Antarctica, where they sit on branches over slow-moving streams and lakes. From these perches, they dive after little fish.


A single emperor penguin may put up to 99 pounds. When hunting for seafood, they can dive as deep as a thousand feet. During the summer, their lives revolve around fishing.


Black and white puffins have brilliantly coloured beaks. Winters in the North Atlantic, summers on Arctic islands. These 25-inch-wingspan birds spend most of their time in the water.

Atlantic Puffin

one of several eagle species that prefer coastal and inland waters, where fish are plentiful. White heads, brown bodies, yellow beaks and feet distinguish these birds.

Bald Eagle

Ospreys are unique birds. No owl, hawk, eagle, or falcon. It's a separate genus despite its common name. They catch fish by submerging feet-first.


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