List of Some Closed Restaurants

Fast-food and sit-down restaurant chains didn't become popular until after World War II. Not all of our favourite eateries have changed with the times.


The final Howard Johnson's restaurant was in Lake George, New York, however it has since closed. Howard Johnson's is known for its ice cream.

Howard Johnson's

This once-ubiquitous buffet closed in 2021 due to Fresh Acquisition's bankruptcy. Old Country Buffet's new owner, BBQ Holdings, says it has no plans to revive the once-extensive chain,

Old Country Buffet

Arthur Treacher was Merv Griffin's sidekick in the 1960s. Treacher lent his name to this Ohio-based fast-food company, which debuted in 1969.

Arthur Treacher's Fries

Game Works, a mid-'90s startup, has struggled recently. The arcade-restaurant combo with laser tag, bowling, and other amusements originally had 30 outlet.

Game Works

Burger Chef's founders opened in Indianapolis in 1957 to display their broilers and milkshake machines. After a year, David and Frank Thomas Jr. decided to go into the burger business full time. 

Burger Chef

The Official All-Star Cafe pushed celebrity-owned restaurants to a new level in the mid-1990s. Try to. Shaquille O'Neal, Wayne Gretzky, & Joe Montana helped launch the All-Star Cafe.

All-Star Cafe

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