Great white sharks are feared as apex predators. These sharks use speed bursts to crash with and bite their prey. A 21-foot great white can bite with 4,000 PSI.

Great White Sharks

Their biting forces average 3,000 PSI and can reach 5,000 PSI. 30 times a human bite! These formidable predators ambush their prey and eat up to half of it.

Nile crocodile

American alligators can be closed by hand. Their closing muscles yield 2,000 PSI. They can shatter turtle shells and eat birds, mammals, fish, or frogs.

American Alligators

These creatures favour a diet of seals and shellfish. Their massive jaw and tusks are effective weapons against polar bears.


Hippos charge other animals and humans and are unpredictable. Their 1,800 PSI bite force . Jaws can open 150 to 180 degrees to increase bite force.


Jaguars are 250-pound carnivores. After tigers and lions, they have the strongest bite. Uniquely, they kill victims. They shatter skulls instead of biting throats.


Strong necks give Western gorillas formidable bites. Great apes may break bones but prefer bark and nuts. 10 times their weight, they're strong.

Western Gorillas

Polar bears are the largest terrestrial carnivore in North America. They have the strongest bite among bears. They chase seals in a breathing hole.

Polar Bears

Grizzly jaws can kill elk and moose. Bears eat mice, trout, berries, fruit, and nuts. They can bite and lift 0.8 times their weight.

Grizzly Bear

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