9 Animals with the Highest Birth Rates

North American brown/gray geese. Themselves. Many people have seen Canada geese. A gosling clutch contains numerous eggs. Grow quickly. Baby identification is difficult.


Dog litter sizes vary. One dog can have 10-12 puppies. Female dogs have 12-month heat cycles. Some breeds have five puppies and distinct heat cycles.

Domestic Dog

Five-month-old female cats can get pregnant. One female can have 100 kittens, leading to 400,000. Multiple sires can sire one litter. Domestic and stray cats count.

Domestic Cat 

Specific egg counts. Turtle eggs number 100. Female sea turtles lay 2-8 clutches annually. 1,000 sea turtles are killed by predators. Females abandon sanded nests.

Sea Turtle

The Arctic fox is the top breeder on Earth. In the wild, an Arctic fox mother can have up to 15 young at once. Typically, this species will have between 7 and 8 offspring.

 Arctic Fox 

Breeding takes 9 months. 30-day pregnancy. A rabbit can have 4-12 babies. Rabbits can conceive rapidly after birth. Larger wild rabbits have bigger litters.


Guppies are fast-reproducing fish. They're ready to reproduce in three to four months and for their two to three-year lives. They deposit 7-20 eggs at once.


Seahorses reproduce quickly. The female seahorse places the eggs in the male's pouch. The clutch can have 150 eggs or 2,000. Once.


Virginia opossums, North America's sole marsupials, have many offspring. These animals produce 118 kids throughout their lifetime.

Virginia opossums

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