9 Animals With the Best Smell Sense

Wandering albatross has an 11.5-foot wingspan. These birds graze on schooling fish and squid at sea. Their sense of smell is so good they can smell fish 12.4 kilometres away. They'll fly to prey they can't see.

 Wandering Albatross

American eels have a keen sense of smell. As nocturnal hunters, they use smell more than sight to find food. They hide during the day to avoid eagles, gulls, and large fish.

American eel

Male silk moth antennae enable them smell despite not having noses. Their delicate antennas can sense odours 7 kilometres away. They find females by smelling hormones.

Silkworm Moth

The turkey vulture can smell its next meal from a mile away. Dead animal compounds ascend into the sky, and birds circle until they find the source.

Turkey Vulture

The kiwi is a flightless bird native to New Zealand with a long, narrow beak. Their beaks feature sensitive holes to detect buried prey.

Kiwi Birds

Among bears, grizzly bears have the most exquisite olfactory sense. The size of their nose means they can detect food from much further away than humans can.

Grizzly bears

Small dogs can lie low and follow smell trails, making them good in scent work and tracking. Long floppy ears help sniff out scents. Their creases capture odours as they follow the route.

Basset Hound

Steers and bulls are male cows. These creatures produce milk and meat, and have an excellent sense of smell. Cows can smell danger from up to 6 miles away.


Great white sharks are fearsome villains in many movies. These sharks can smell blood from a quarter-mile away. Swimming noses are the sensory-filled nasal sacs of cartilaginous fish.

White Sharks

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