9 Animals With Long Legs

Ostriches inhabit Africa's deserts and savannas. They have the longest legs and run the fastest. Long legs let them run 43 mph, change direction quickly, and leap 10-16 feet.


Red Kangaroos are 4 to 7 feet tall due to their long legs. They have 35 to 44-inch tails. They can hop 10 feet high and 40 feet long and reach 40 mph.

 Red Kangaroo

Second-largest terrestrial mammal is the White Rhinoceros. Long legs let them run 30 mph at 2,200 pounds. They eat using their legs. In Africa's grasslands.

White Rhinoceros 

Hippos are dangerous. Huge mouths with tusks and teeth. Long, stocky legs help them to go 6 kilometres a day to gather food or run 19 mph to dodge predators.


Africa's Arabian deserts. Long legs protect them from hot desert sands, while padded feet prevent slipping and sinking. Camels can kick four ways to fend off predators.

Arabian camel

Bison are North America's largest animal. Small but with long legs, they can run 40 mph. Bison jump 6 feet. Predator-fighting traits

 American Bison

Rural England's Shire horses. British soldiers carried armour with calm, compassion. World's largest and tallest horses. Muscular, hairy legs. 45 tonnes and 2,000 lb/in.

 Shire Horse

The giraffe is the world's tallest mammal. Males reach 18 feet and females 15 feet. Great legs help them travel long distances quickly. Short distances at 35 mph, long lengths at 10 mph.


On their hind legs, moose can reach 13 feet. They can run 35 mph, swim 6 mph, and jump 8 ft. Predators are avoided. Wide hooves help them traverse snow.


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