9 Animals That Live Underground

Prairie dogs live in North America. Burrow entrances have soil mounds. 30-50 entrances/exits per acre. Strong family and societal bonds define them.

Prairie Dogs

Groundhogs are woodchucks. They live near eastern forests. They burrow deep. 24-inch groundhogs have 9.75-inch tails. Only groundhogs mate.


North American chipmunks. Most species dig 11-foot-long burrows. They store food in cheek pouches. Their bodies and tails are 4 to 7 inches long.


Large, pointy hands help moles burrow. They dig like a swimmer. They can dig 15 to 18 feet per hour at 4 mph. Small, blind eyes. Earthworms, bugs, and mice are their diet.


American Pika are dubbed whistling hares because of their unusual whistle. It nests and shelters underground. Also, they bury winter plants and seeds. Pikas are 6-10 inches long.

American Pika

US has only Nine-Banded Armadillo. While foraging, these armadillos excavate multiple burrows. 5-10 burrows are hidden. 4-5-foot-jumping armadillos.

Nine-Banded Armadillo 

Weasels live in the Northern Hemisphere, including the U.S. short-tailed weasel. Their 10-foot-long burrows have two surface exits.


Wombats have robust claws and feet for digging. They can shift 3 feet of soil overnight. Their burrows include a sleeping room.


Northern Mexico and the central U.S. have American Badgers. These animals use tunnels for sleeping, concealment, birthing, and protection from the elements.

American Badgers

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