9 Animals That Live in The Snow

Antarctica's islands are home to the Gentoo Penguin. The Gentoo Penguin gathers in large groups. Diet includes krill, fish, squid, and crustaceans.

Gentoo Penguin

Hollow hairs reflect sunlight, keeping animals cool and warm. Caribou hooves act as snowshoes in deep snow. Caribou have antlers. 5-foot antlers on 40-pound bulls.


Walruses live in Arctic shallows near the pole. Huge blubbery bodies keep them warm in 0°F waters.


Arctic Arctic tundra's hares. Thick fur helps them tolerate cold weather. Their white jackets blend seamlessly with the snow. Summer browns and greys fur.

 Arctic Hare

The snow leopard resides in Asia's alpine deserts. They have grey, yellowish, or white silky fur. They camouflage with brown or black spots.

 Snow leopard

East Asian Sika deer are also called Japanese or spotted deer. Sika deer were imported to Canada, the UK, Europe, and the U.S.

Sika deer

Cold-adapted Arctic foxes. Seasonally, their coats from silver-gray to brown-red with white underbellies. Arctic foxes' furry feet help them slide gently across snow.

Arctic foxes

Lynx are bobcats. Bigger than housecats. Bobcats are nocturnal. They may hunt enormous wildlife in the winter.


Thick coats and subcutaneous fat keep polar bears warm in -40°C temperatures. Polar bear mothers groom and warm their young.

Polar bear

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