Active, affectionate, and cuddly describe cats. Cats adore killing, catching, and pawing mice. They sometimes tear a mouse open for their owner. Housecats act like feral cats.

Honey Badgers

Honey Badgers are cruel and kill for enjoyment, not survival. Honey badgers reportedly kill numerous chickens but only consume a few. The Honey Badger kills for joy.


Dolphins are smart enough to learn tricks. They're a nasty water killer. Dolphins beat porpoises to death. Dolphins murder other dolphins for amusement and play with the body.


Ants are killing insects that compete for land in turf conflicts. The winning ant colonies kill other ants and their eggs. The ants then consume the dead ants or enslaved live ants.

Cuckoo birds

Natural murderers, cuckoos. Once the eggs hatch, they send the host eggs over the nest's edge and wait to be cared for. If the host bird won't care for the cuckoo offspring, the mother kills it.


Leopards eat to survive. Leopards are among the predators that kill excess prey to eat later or feed their young. Leopards sometimes kill livestock and leave them alone. Killing and leaving livestock is only for amusement.

Spotted Hyenas

Pack-hunting and territorial, spotted hyenas. To secure their food, the pack kills lionesses, lion cubs, and other hyenas. Spotted hyenas attacked gazelles in the 1960s. Hyenas left wounded animals to die miserably.

Pirate Spider

The Pirate spider attracts its victim by plucking its web threads, then steals. The spider's prey mimics web plucking. Once close enough, the Pirate Spider assaults, kills, and eats the host spider to take its web.


Lions are predators who will devour anything, but they will also kill Doves just for the joy of it, like a house cat with small prey. Lions don't eat doves; they pursue, play, and kill them.

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