9 Animals That Eat Rose Bushes


Rabbits eat yard and garden vegetation. In June, they eat rose bushes. Cottontail is North America's most common rabbit.


Summertime deer munch rosebushes. Herbivores, they seek out gardens and homes when foliage is scarce. Deer tear rose plants, producing jagged tears.


Find holes around the rose bush and nibbled stems to determine if a squirrel is eating it. Squirrels don't enjoy the taste of daffodils, so plant them around rose bushes.


Raccoons are omnivores and opportunistic feeders, therefore they consume almost anything. These garden critters eat rose bush buds.


Voles leave runways and little holes in the yard. Castor oil repels voles and helps prevent them from nibbling on rose shrub roots.


Only mountain goats in North America's high mountains are wild. Mountain goats or domestic goats will eat practically everything, including your rose shrub.


Aphids eat leaves and stems. These insects consume plant sap, not plant matter. Plant sap is nutrient-rich. Dry, wrinkled rosebushes have aphids.


They swarm on trees and plant leaves. Japanese beetles kill rose bushes and other plants by carving holes in leaf veins, causing some areas to seem skeletal.


Gophers live underground and eat roots and plants. Gopher tunnels and mounds are the best indicators of a gopher presence. Gophers eat rose bush roots.

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