9 Animals Based on Their Lifespans

Macaws are noted for outliving their owners. Macaws average 50 years but can reach 80 to 100. Blue-and-gold macaws live longest. Amazon Rain Forest has macaws.


Wonderful long-lived carp. Popular Japanese Koi fish have symbolic colours. Habitat and happiness affect longevity. 30-40 years in good circumstances.

Koi Fish

Spiky crests give male tuataras their name. These triangle skin folds are generated during mating or disagreements. Slow metabolism and maturation allow tuataras live beyond 100.


Galapagos tortoises weigh 900lbs and live 100 years. Slow metabolism and maturation explain longevity. Galapagos tortoise shells form over 20-25 years. 

Galapagos tortoises

African elephants are the world's largest land animal and enjoy long lives given their size,upto70years Elephants are smart and have amazing memories, carrying grudges for life.

African elephants

Long spines repel predators on red sea urchins. The biggest urchins are burgundy or crimson. Red sea urchins like rocky subtidal locations in the Pacific. A 100-year-old,

Red sea urchins

These sponges live at 6,500 feet underwater. Cold temperatures impede their growth and other biological processes, extending their lifespan.

Antarctic Sponge

These bivalves live from Newfoundland to North Carolina. Ocean quahogs filter 1 gallon each hour. Ming is a 507-year-old non-colonial animal.

Ocean Quahog

Longest-lived mammals are bowhead whales. Arctic whales live year-round in the arctic. 60-footers. Despite their size, bowhead whales can leap.

Bowhead Whale 

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