Only emperors mate for life. The male Gentoo penguin looks for the suitable rock during wooing. Unless she accepts the rock, he must keep looking.


9 monogamous species pair at 10 months. Even if they're good for beginners, it's cruel to isolate them. Gregarious and social, yet happier in pairs.


Sexually mature antelopes. Females and males chase away other species to defend a small region. One baby dik-dik stays for 7 months before mating.


Lifemates. They'll stick together till one of them dies. After a brief hiatus, he'll start dating again. The average annual birth rate for a sandhill crane family is between one and three young.

Sandhill cranes

4-year-old bald eagles mate. Bald eagles are monogamous until one dies. Bald eagles return to their nest and each other during breeding season.

Bald Eagles

When they're 2-3 years old, these lovely birds pair together and breed once a year. Each bird incubates up to 7 eggs until they hatch.


Coyotes kill tiny pets during breeding season but make terrific parents and lifelong partners. Coyotes mate at 2 years old. Pets should avoid springtime puppies.


Microscopic monkeys mate for life and have small families. titi monkeys have one 7-month-old infant a year. It'll meet someone. Parents share infant care.

 Titi Monkeys

Lifelong partners, French angelfish. Young fish couple off and stay together. French angelfish protect their area amid shallow coral reefs.

French Angelfish

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