9 American squirrel species

Eastern U.S. nocturnal Southern Flying Squirrel. Squirrels run to treetops, jump, and glide on skin flaps. Southern Flying Squirrels can glide 200ft but usually leap lesser distances.

 Flying Squirrel 

The Fox Squirrel is the largest squirrel in North America. 1-3 pounds, red, grey, brown, or black. Fox Squirrels reside in forested settings and eat fungi, fruit, seeds, and nuts.

 Fox Squirrel 

Arctic Ground Squirrels inhabit Alaska. They hibernate for 7-8 months, making them unusual. In hibernation, they supercool. Arctic ground squirrels are a major food source for raptors, bears, and foxes.

Arctic Ground Squirrels

Red squirrels are found in Canada, the northern U.S., the Rocky and Appalachian Mountains, and Georgia. They like coniferous woodlands due to pine seeds and nuts. Also fruits, eggs, and berries.

Red Squirrels

Beechey ground squirrels eat flowers, seeds, nuts, berries, and insects in parks and fields. In some regions, they beg for food and consume vegetation.

Beechey ground squirrels 

Eastern North America has grey squirrels. MS-FL. Greedy but nest-protective. Grays adopt red squirrels. Seeds, grasses, bark, berries, flowers, bulbs, and corn are grey squirrel foods.

Eastern grey squirrels

8oz squirrels eat seeds and nuts. They warn other squirrels and birds of nearby predators. Douglas Squirrels are greyish with a chestnut-colored belly, although their winter coloration are duller.

Douglas Squirrels

Minnesota, Michigan, and Wisconsin are home to the least chipmunk. In boreal and temperate woodlands. Chipmunks are solitary and only gather for breeding, yet moms are dedicated to their offspring for up to 6 weeks.

Least chipmunk

The Abert's squirrel is the prettiest species on the list. In the winter, the Abert's squirrel has an unique coat, but in the summer, it has short brownish-gray hair.

Abert's Squirrel

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