Raccoons are sharp and quick-witted creatures known for raiding trash cans. Most of North America has raccoons. When angry, these cute hairy critters can growl.


Moose are the largest and heaviest deer species in its superfamily. Despite their size, these giants are vegetarians and eat land and water plants. Moose live in Canada

 American Black Bear

The American black bear lives in much of America and Canada. Despite having similar ranges to Grizzly and Polar Bears, they are more closely linked to Asian bears.


The Lion is an apex predator in both the animal kingdom and Disney. Females do most of the hunting for these big animals. Lions are found in Africa outside the Sahara.

Harbor Seal

Harbor Seals, often called Common Seals, live along northern shores. Atlantic, Pacific, Baltic, and North Seas. Large groups are spotted on rocky coastlines.

Prairie Dogs

Five Prairie Dog species live in North America. Prairie Dogs are a species of Ground Squirrel that reside in the West, Southwest, and Mexico. They're sociable and create colonies.

Polar Bear

Arctic-dwelling Large Polar Bears. Tundra ice and snow merge with white fur. Melting ice forces bears to swim farther between ice sheets, contributing to diminishing numbers.


Chipmunks are East and South pocket-sized animals. They like forests, but may live in suburbs and cities. Nuts, seeds, fruits, and insects may fill their cheek pouches.

Three-toed sloth

Three-toed sloths live in Central and South American rainforests. They move 0.15 mph! Three-toed sloths are outstanding swimmers despite living in trees.

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