8 Types of Animals that store food


Winter is hard for squirrels to get food, so they store enough to last the season. Squirrels gain weight before winter to stay warm.


You've probably seen a hamster overeat. Hamster cheek pockets hold 20% of their weight. The cheeks of wild hamsters are empty. They store food in burrows. HAMSTERSsHamsters


Ant colonies thrive by working together. Some ant species, like fire ants, store food in their nests for the colony. Honeypot ants store food in their stomachs.


In winter, chipmunks hibernate and wake up every few days for a food. During this period, chipmunks eat their stockpiled food. Chipmunks don't eat much in winter, so they must hoard food to survive.


During the winter, moles snuggle in their burrows. Since moles can't dig in freezing ground, they must store food.


A crab will eat fish, worms, plants, snails, and even other crabs when foraging. Some crabs hoard food so they always have enough.


Woodpeckers and scrub jays have excellent memories. Birds hoard food, wealth, and jewellery. Smart, forward-thinking birds. When hungry, birds stockpile food.

Mountain lions

Mountain lions can consume 30 pounds of meat at once. Mountain lions stash prey under leaves, sticks, and other debris to eat plenty. This food storage can last 10 days.

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