8 Mountain dog breeds for Rough Terrain

The Appenzeller Sennenhund herded livestock and guarded the land. They need a lot of exercise and instruction, are wary of strangers, and need competent owners.

Appenzeller Sennenhund

The Bernese mountain dog has the longest coat among the four Swiss mountain dog breeds. It was a watchdog, property guard, and hauling dog near Berne.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Entlebucher mountain dog is the smallest and fastest of four related Swiss mountain dog breeds. Cattle-driving required speed.

Entlebucher Mountain 

The Great Pyrenees' white coat and height are beautiful. Named after the Spanish-French Pyrenees. Sheep on steep slopes were protected by these dogs.

Great Pyrenees

The kuvasz is a huge, all-white livestock guardian employed in Hungary since the Middle Ages. This Hungarian breed possibly originated in Siberia's Ural Mountains steppes.


The regal Saint Bernard is known for rescuing visitors on the Swiss Alps. The breed was developed at Bernard de Menthon's 11th-century St. Bernard Monastery and Hospice.

Saint Bernard

Primitive Chinese mastiffs Tibetans and Himalayans are home. Shepherds used it to guard cattle at night. They're good family dogs, but require an experienced owner.

Tibetan Mastiff

Newfoundland is rugged, rocky, and cliff-filled. The Newfoundland's thick coat can withstand snow and ice. This breed didn't originate in the mountains but is a search-and-rescue dog.


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