During the first date, men should keep in mind that such a smile should be kept in the face, which will impress your crush and he will feel that you are very comfortable with him.

Positive Smile

Men should pay special attention to their body language on their first date, adopt a genuine approach in front of your crush and maintain proper body posture.

Observe your posture

Ask questions in front of the woman without hesitation, this will make the woman sitting in front of you feel that you are interested in her and her life.

Do not be shy about asking a woman questions

When you are talking to a woman and the woman is talking to you from the front, listen carefully to her words and react after listening to her words.

Pay attention to women

When you see that the woman in front is giving her interest on you, then be patient and avoid unnecessary touching here and there.

Avoid unnecessary touching

No woman likes to be treated badly, so don't forget to treat her in the right way and behave with full confidence.

Behave Well

The most important thing is that when you order something, then pay it in a genuine way to pay the bill.

Pay bills yourself

When the talks are over between you and it is time to leave the dating spot, then leave it properly and ask when you will meet the woman again.

Say Goodbye

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