8 Foods for Teeth and Gums

Cold Milk

Milk helps strengthen bones. Calcium-rich drinks are healthy for teeth and bone structure. Milk contains casein, which reduces oral acidity and microbial growth.


Apple fibres clean teeth. Chewing helps gums and teeth. Apples produce saliva, which helps teeth. Reduces acidity and eliminates food. Apple magic!

Fish/fish oil

Fish omega-3 oils reduce gum disease risk. Fish is a powerful and palatable source of Vitamin D, which is found in tuna and salmon.


Like apples, nuts stimulate saliva, which cleans teeth. Nuts provide tooth-friendly vitamins, minerals, and a natural clean.


Natural cheeses give whey protein and calcium to build teeth. Cheddar will help your teeth enamel.

 Salad greens

Leafy greens, another fiber-rich vegetable, are a natural toothbrush. Chew to activate saliva, your mouth's natural antibacterial defence.

Fruits with Vitamin C

Vitamin C fights gum-bacteria. Citrus, strawberries, cantaloupe, and papaya are vitamin C-rich. Fruits promote healthy gums. Collagen-rich foods heal gums.


Raw broccoli cleans teeth well. Broccoli fibre lowers gum inflammation. Iron-rich, it protects dental enamel from acids.

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