8 Cutest Dog Breeds That Love To Cuddle

Great Danes prefer to cuddle with the people they love and don't like being alone. Great Danes tower above other dogs and humans on their hind legs, but they're tolerant and sociable.

Great Dane

Velcro pugs stick to their owners like velcro. They lack privacy. These friendly pups were formerly lap dogs for Chinese nobility.


Most of us expected this. Golden and Labrador retrievers are affectionate dogs. They're smart, easy to train, and family favourites.

Golden Retriever

These low-riding canines are cuddlers. Dachshunds are kind and sweet. If it means more time with you, they'll cuddle on the floor, sleep under your blankets


Boxers are calm and affectionate. They're called darkness because they follow you about and grow quickly. After a hard day of exercise, Boxers will happily cuddle with you.


Rottweilers are considered to be distrustful of strangers and to be feared, although they love cuddling just as much as Labradors. Discover the world's quickest dog breeds.


Bichons are loving and lively. Despite being cotton-ball-like, they're huggable. Bichon Frise thrive in families with frequent company because they're so affectionate.

Bichon Frise

The pit bull breed is devoted, silly, and often misunderstood. Despite their stereotypical image, many of these dogs actually like being cuddled.


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