8 Breeds of dogs that are particularly tall & slender


Ancient Egyptian hunting dog. Their speed allows them to chase foxes and deers. They reach 40-45 mph, making them the Ferraris of the dog world. Beyond speed and hunter traits, they're delicious and mild.


This breed is 19th-century German. Intelligent, vigilant, and courageous, they make great security dogs. Energy and intelligence help them in police, military, and canine sports.

Afghan Hound

Hunters, they can hunt alone. They hunted large animals in Afghanistan's hills and can hold prey until hunters arrive. Despite being independent, they can be sweet clown dogs.


This British breed is medium-sized and slender. They're English hounds. Their bodies are curvy like greyhounds. Long legs, deep chests, and musculature.


Fast hunting hounds used by nomadic tribes to hunt gazelles for kings and nobility. As skinny dogs, they're speedy. 30-35 mph. Despite having lengthy, bony legs, their angular shape keeps them balanced.

 Irish Setter

Social, playful high-energy dogs. They're not guard dogs but can protect their owners. Since they bark at intruders, they make good watchdogs. Their sluggish development prolongs their youth.


This Brazilian species hunts rabbits and foxes in packs. Romanov aristocracy bred them. Strong and graceful. This dog's calm, gentle nature is praised. Long and skinny, they look amazing. Narrow body, slim legs, deep chest.


These Hungarian retrievers are serious hunters. This energetic breed hunts birds well. Muscular and lean, they're athletic. Intelligent and destructive, they must be kept busy. They don't bark much but make good watchdogs.

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