8 Animals That Live In Estuaries

River Otter

Worldwide, river otters inhabit estuaries. 4 feet long, 25 pounds. They swim and walk. River otters have webbed feet for swimming. Good anglers.

 American alligator

Estuaries cool them down. Estuaries supply fish, crabs, and shellfish. Other animals shun saline water, but the American alligator can adapt. Their glands remove salt.

Sea Mullet

Mullets are saltwater and freshwater. Silver-scaled and agile. After spawning, they go to estuaries and oceans. Animals eat sea mullets.

 Stalked jellyfish

Jellyfish with long, thin arms stalk prey. Unlike other jellyfish, stalked jellyfish stick to rocks and plants. They use toxic darts to delay prey and tentacles to capture it.

Hermit crabs

Hermit crabs are found globally, including the U.S. Others dwell on land. Their diet includes microscopic fish, plankton, worms, and crustaceans.

Bull sharks 

Bull sharks may survive in freshwater and saltwater. These sharks move via estuaries and freshwater rivers. Bull shark mothers prefer low-salinity or watery nurseries.

Estuarine crocodile

Estuarine crocodiles could lay underwater for an hour. They eat fish, crabs, reptiles, and mammals. Solitary estuarine crocodiles exclusively mate.

Harbor seals

The average dive time for a harbour seal is 30 minutes, and they eat seafood like fish, squid, and crabs. They have pods that hold 100 people each.

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