6 Different Bird Families


Woodpeckers' bodies allow them to devour tree bark. Long beaks pound tree trunks seeking insects and larvae. Woodpeckers are larger than most birds yet just a few inches tall.


Songbirds are the most diversified land-dwelling vertebrates and one of the most diverse bird groups. As the name implies, songbirds have melodic vocalisations.


Hummingbirds comprise 350 species. These are new world species since they only live in North & South America. As far north as Alaska, yet most live in tropical climates.

Birds of prey

Their eyesight helps them hunt. Some of these birds eat carrion or dead animal corpses. Birds of prey, or raptors, use strong talons to grab struggling prey.


Waterfowl have webbed feet, which is a defining trait. Between each toe is thick skin that acts as a paddle, helping them to swim with little effort.

Flightless Birds

Birds are recognised for their ability to fly, but there are 60 species of flightless birds. Despite this, many species of birds in this category exhibit amazing features

This group's incapacity to fly stands out. These birds have comparatively large or broad legs. This offsets the fact that they can't fly and must travel on foot.

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