5 Most Important Brain-Healthy Foods


This plant pigment improves learning and memory in every section of the brain. Lutein in your eye affects brain speed. lutein sources: Sweet potatoes, spinach, corn, kale

DHA Omega-3

Choose DHA (DHA). Omega-3 decreases inflammation and boosts brain cell communication, making up 25% of brain fat. Salmon, tuna, sardines are high in DHA.

B Vitamins

It protects the brain. Thiamin and niacin fuel the brain. B12 and folate break down homocysteine to prevent dementia.DHA

Vitamin D

Vitamin D strengthens bones and the heart. Helps brain cells manufacture mood-regulating neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin.


Muscles aren't merely strong. They improve brainpower. Protein! After age 40, protein preserves muscle mass. 25-30 g of protein every meal builds muscle.

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